Bollywood boasts of both reel life and real life stories that we can go talking about on and on. Whether the big screen is a reflection of their own lives or is it vice-versa is another topic of debate. Bollywood has many stories of relationships that have gone sour, bitter Bollywood breakups, failed marriages, infidelities, family split in two due to second marriages.

While a few stars like Salman Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Zoya Akhtar and Farhan Akhtar share very warm relationships with their stepmothers and their half-brothers and sisters, there are other like Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol and Pratiek (who has eventually dropped his surname Babbar) who have a volatile relationship with their dad’s second wife. The latest addition to the latter club is 2-states actor Arjun Kapoor.

Here is why Arjun Kapoor and Jhanvi Kapoor can never share a cordial relationship with each other unlike his other counterparts in Bollywood who share a good rapport with their half-siblings.

We all know that Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor is the nephew of Anil Kapoor and son of producer Boney Kapoor who is part of  Kapoor family. A lot of people may not be aware that Arjun is Boney’s son from his first wife Mona Kapoor Shourie. Although Arjun Kapoor has never been very candid about his relationship with his stepmother Sridevi, the actor had once opened up about his equation with Sridevi in a TV show with Niranjan Iyer.

Arjun Kapoor spoke maturely as he looked at his past. He viewed his relationship with his father and step-mom Sridevi objectively. While in another talk show, Arjun was seemingly bitter at what he, his mother Mona, his sister Anshula Kapoor had to go through when his dad decided to leave his wife Mona with whom he was married for 13 years and take the vows with a much younger actress Sridevi. Infact it is said that Sridevi was already pregnant with a child of Boney Kapoor. That is Sridevi was carrying Jhanvi Kapoor even before she had officially tied the knot with producer Boney Kapoor.

Sridevi and Boney Kapoor’s love story:

Boney Kapoor had signed Sridevi for Mr. India in 1984 where she played the lead role of Seema. He started to develop a likening  for her. He later confessed that he had fallen head over heels in love with Sridevi. He proposed to Sridevi in 1993. He rushed to meet her when he understood how strong his feelings were during while Sridevi was shooting for a big banner film. After a little hesitation Sridevi finally said yes to him. It is also said that while one of her parents had taken ill, Boney supported them financially an emotionally. This drew Sridevi to Boney.

sridevi marriage photos with boney kapoor
sridevi marriage photos with boney kapoor

Mona Kapoor Shourie and Boney Kapoor:

Mona poured her heart out to the media back then.“It was also a tough time for Arjun and Anshula who were both in school. The world is a cruel place. When you are going through bad times, they speculate about you and discuss you in their living rooms. So, in school, my children had to face torment from their classmates. But they became strong and learnt to face facts. What held us together was the thread of pain,” she vented.

Mona even let her children remain cordial to their dad and their step-mom. Mona said, “My children live with me but are close to their father too. I have no animosity or hatred for the man. It would be cruel if I kept the children away from him. I want him to be happy. After all, I gave up my place so that he could be happy.”

Unfortunately, Mona lost her battled against Cancer and passed away in 2012.

Arjun Kapoor’s speaks out:

We can only be related and sympathise with Arjun Kapoor and his sister Anshula Kapoor has they had to go through the traumatic experience of their parent’s separation at a very young age. In fact, he and his sister were still in school. In the popular talk show ‘Karan Johar’ he admitted that he can never share a close bonding with Sridevi and the lady can be his father’s wife but not his mother. “My relationship with her would never be normal. She is just my father’s wife and nothing beyond that,” quoted Arjun Kapoor.

The actor even poured his innermost feelings saying further said that although, he can never have a normal family but he holds no grudge against anyone. “My mother Mona Kapoor taught me never to disrespect anyone. I would never be able to live with them like a normal family does but I hold no grudge against anyone,” stated Arjun. Arjun Kapoor’s father Boney Kapoor married Sridevi after his split from first wife Mona Kapoor.

No wonder we never get to see step-sister Jhanvi Kapoor as a part of any pictures of his personal life the way we see Sonam Kapoor sharing an awesome bond with Arjun. KapoorBollywoodCelebrityGossipjhanvi KapoorSrideviarjun kapoor,jhanvi kapoorBollywood boasts of both reel life and real life stories that we can go talking about on and on. Whether the big screen is a reflection of their own lives or is it vice-versa is another topic of debate. Bollywood has many stories of relationships that have gone sour,...City of Dream