In Mumbai, your life mostly revolves around the kind of MONEY you make. Mumbai known for its high end fashion, Busy life, endless hours of hard work, Work, Stress, Pressure ..and the list goes onn….

The “MAHANAGARI”   today is nothing less than a whirlpool when u look it from outside it looks stunningly beautiful and it possesses a magnetic power to draw you towards it and when you sucked into it hardly get control over your life unless you know how to manage things in a better way.Well, I guess every city has its own lifestyle and Mumbai has its own  too,so I cannot blame it completely after all it has the best places in the country to take  a break and chill out with your loved ones.People looking for fun and amusements can have a blast with their friends and family. I believe such picnic destination will help you to take out your stress and frustration out and make you refreshed and rejuvenated.
Thats the reason we are listing here TOP 5 AMUSEMENT THEME PARKS IN MUMBAI

Adlabs Imagica - theme parks in mumbai
Adlabs Imagica – theme parks in mumbai

1.Adlabs Imagica:In the list of most popular amusement parks in Mumbai,Adlabs Imagica has Walked away with no #1 position snatching the long lived glory from Essel World .Started in2013 the kind of response Imagica has got from not only local Mumbaikar but entire country is bewildering! Located in Sangewadi, Pali near Khapoli Road the park is off Mumbai Pune Expressway so probably people from Mumbai will have to make sure that they leave their homes early to reach there. There  22 Attractions and rides  (including the country’s largest roller coaster and 4D stimulation rides) that offer complete fun experience for those who want to have one day picnic with their friends and family.The park is divided into six different sectors like Viva Europa, Arabia, Asiana, Americana, India and Jambo Africa so you get to see something from every part of the continent.Some of there unique themes are Deep Space, I For India, Alibaba aur chalis chorr, Curse of Salimgarh and othersHowever, this comes at  a high price of Rs.1900/- for adults and Rs.1600 for kids.We must say it is “must visit” place for everyone and then you can come out by saying “ Imagica…hay yai yai yaaayyyyy”.

Essel World - theme parks in mumbai
Essel World – theme parks in mumbai

2. Essel World:If your a  True Mumbaikar its just not possible you haven’t been here,you all probably have memories from your childhood here. It was opened in 1986 on the land of 64 acres which attracts more than 1 million visitors annually. Essel World’s some popular attractions are roller coasters, ice skating rink, dance floor, bowling alley and monsters in the mist.Located in Gorai on the outskirts of the city, Essel world is the only amusement park that qualifies as per international standards and attracts more than 1.8million visitors per year. While Essel world is a great and famous for those who love adventures rides and amusement. It is also popular with kids and family.The park also provides with good food options and Chinese and Indian delicacies and restaurants have been set up to provide you with good food and meals. It costs to you around Rs.690/- for adults and Rs.490/- while it only costs Rs.290/- for senior citizens who have to carry  proper age proof.While enjoying all these amazing rides and fun we Can  say “Essel World mein rahuga main, Ghar nahi nahi nahi jaaoga main.”Being in Mumbai this is a good place to have fun and a great time with your children, family and loved ones.


3. Water kingdom: Mumbai Humidity can suck the blood out of  you!!The only way to beat it is ” GILA FUN”.Water Kingdom is India’s largest water park and it is situated next to Essel World. It was founded by the founders of EsselWorld i.e. Pan India Paryatan Pvt. Ltd in 1988. Water Kingdom’s park attractions are aquadrome, water sprinklers, Misphisly hill, drifting river and much more.The water park’s incredible slides and water rides are loved by all tourists. Mumbai’s  pride and the ultimate entertainment package for people of all age groups.

Water kingdom theme parks in mumbai
Water kingdom

Although, it does not have enough water rides as compared to international water parks, but still it manages you a good experience. Since, it’s the only water park meeting international standards. The park is open from 10am to 7pm on weekdays and till 8pm on weekends and bank holidays. It costs around Rs.690/- for adults and Rs.490/- while it only costs Rs.290/- for senior citizens with proper age proof.The adrenalin rush and cool water splash that water Kingdoms offer’s is a sure shot way to beat the summer heat.

Snow World theme parks in mumbai
Snow World

4. Snow World:Snow World is the first snow them park in Mumbai, situated near Phoenix MARKET city mall in Kurla, Mumbai. It was opened in 27th July, 2012. It has so many popular attractions such as Ice sliding; snowboarding, ice skating, snow play and snow fall.

This seemed like an interesting concept and there. Once inside you are provided with thermals and boots and sizes are available across. The area is small but has these little props like snow sledges, igloos, slides etch that makes the place lively. Kids surely will enjoy as for them it’s a first time feel of snow.Snow World is an 18000 sq. ft. area of snow-filled fun. At -10 degrees Celsius, this is the perfect place for a family outing, a romantic date or to hang out with a group of friends. Snow World gives you all the joy snow brings – making snowballs, snow angels, snowmen and more without the bothers of snow – shoveling driveways etc. Slides and rides, Christmas trees and other snow-themed amusements promise oodles of fun for everyone! One can enjoy Natural Snow Play Zone, Snow Fall, Snow Sledging, Ice Skating Rink, Snow Boarding, Ice Sliding and more. Customers can get the appropriate gear along with the entry pass and later, enjoy sifting through the merchandise store or warm up over a cup of coffee at the café located near the exit zone.

Valid 7days a week. Timings -11Am-9pm Valid till 2 on Sundays and public holidays. No age restrictions. Entry fees in Rs 500/- per person


5. Yazoo

Yazoo theme parks in mumbai
Yazoo theme parks in mumbai

Yazoo Park is one of the fastest growing park in Mumbai which attracts thousands of visitors every month. It has many popular theme park attractions such as free wall, ferries wheel, bumping car, merry go round and vertical chair.

Entry fee at Yazoo is Rs25/- per person.The park has this smart card option so I would recommend that you find a recharge counter (there are many recharge counters across the park) you can recharge the highest amount that you want to spend. It basically works like a pre-paid card so you keep using it on all ride counters since you have to pay for individual rides and even at the food court.

The park stays open till 10 at night. When you walk out please make sure that you return the smart card that you have and in exchange get all the extra money that you have saved. For FunLimelightAmusement parks mumbai,Best amusemnt park in mumbai,Essel world,Imagica,theme parks in mumbaiIn Mumbai, your life mostly revolves around the kind of MONEY you make. Mumbai known for its high end fashion, Busy life, endless hours of hard work, Work, Stress, Pressure ..and the list goes onn…. The “MAHANAGARI”   today is nothing less than a whirlpool when u look it from outside it...City of Dream