Will you marry me, Sunny Leone?

She is one of the hottest stars of Bollywood, her item songs makes even little kids groove and dance away into glory. She is infact one of the most searched woman on google. If a man says he hasn’t heard of Sunny Leone or does not know who she is, is an outright liar. Infact one of my guy-friend playfully jokes that you should look at the face of the man whose Mother or Wife is watching a Sunny Leone song and asks them ‘Yeh Kaunsi Heroine hai? Tumko Maaloom hai?’

Well, we stumbled upon this video where men were asked if they would marry Sunny Leone if given a chance. They drool over and fantasise about this sone ki ‘baby doll’, but would they share their name and their life with her is where the million dollar question lies. The video reveals a lot about the mindset of Indian men. The answers will leave you bewildered and feeling disgusted.



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