Here is the list of india’s next top model contestants

MTV most talked and watched India’s Next Top Model Season 2 (2016) Final Contestants list is here and the Good news for the fans and obviously for the aspiring female models is that the second season of India’s Next Top Model (INTM) has returned back with more glamour, glitters, and sweet beauties.

India’s Next Top Model 2016 Final Contestants are:

  1.  Ana Chawdhary:  Ana Chawdhary is one of the model from Delhi. She is just 23 year of age and one of the hottest contestant of this season.
    Ana is an athlete at state level, so she means business when she says she is tough and adventurous!
  2.  Akaknsha Sharma :  INTM-S2E1-AkshAs the youngest contestant in the competition, Akanksha could be the dark horse that catches judges and audience by surprise
  3.   Ashmita Jaggi :  INTM-S2E1-Ashmita
    Amchi Mumbai 26 year old girl. Fans of Channel V’s popular show The Swim Team will recognise this sensual beauty and her envious bikini bod!
  4.  Jantee Hazarika :  INTM-S2E1-JanteeThe dusky beauty even landed the cover shoot for Grazia India in 2015. Add that to her education background in fashion design and you have a complete package to raise the stakes in Season 2.
  5.  Lekha Prajapati: INTM-S2E1-LekhaLekha is a bubbly Bollywood buff and aspiring model, who has appeared in a number of commercials and runway shows.
  6.  Minash Ravuthar : INTM-S2E1-Minash
    Minash has done it all before – catwalks, fashion shoots and ad campaigns. She is here to show all the other girls how to smash it and ready to take the competition to the next level.
  7.  Neelam Virwani : INTM-S2E1-Neelam
    She says: “When I won a couple of pageants I participated in, I began to take serious notice of the profession.

    “And before I knew it, I was doing assignments in Pune and also walking the ramp at fashion weeks in Hyderabad and Vishakapatnam.”

  8.  Praniti Prakash Rai : INTM-S2E1-Pranati
    Like Jantee, Pranati is another Miss India alumni and fashion student.

    Tall, sweet and sexy, she is determined not be defined by her looks by exploring her skills and interests in painting, yoga, singing, dancing and fashion design.

  9.  Poulomi Das : INTM-S2E1-Poulomi
    She can rock anything from Desi attire to Western designs. Her passion and ambition will undoubtedly take her far in Season 2 of India’s Next Top Model.
  10.  Priya Banerjee:  INTM-S2E1-Priya
    Aren’t you inspired by Priya’s transformation from a slightly chubby girl to how she rules in her bikini whilst greeting the esteemed judges?
  11.  Rajashree Singha : INTM-S2E1-Raja
    Behind her long dark hair and exotic look is a strong personality that refuses to be knocked down by the curve balls that life throws her way.
    Rajashree has learnt to grow up without a father figure. Now as a focused and driven young model, she cannot wait to show the world what she’s made of. So keep your eyes glued to her!
  12.  Raavishree Ambiger: INTM-S2E1-Raavi
    Raavi is another living proof that you cannot judge a book by its cover.

    Think she is shy and reserved? Just wait till she steps in front of the camera and morphs into a sizzling bombshell!

  13.  Subhomita Banerjee : INTM-S2E1-Sub

Subhamita also has a few television commercials for big brands, such as Fanta and Samsung, on her resume.

Coupled with a fun-loving spirit and straight-talking personality, how can we not root for this smart and beautiful girl?

Season 2 winner will secure two one-year modelling contracts with Livon Serum and Bling Entertainment Solutions.



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