In the city of dreams everyone is rushing in and out to reach the sky. This takes a lot of effort and time to adapt the kind of lifestyle Mumbai offers. The weekdays are tough and the weekends are crazy. As it is rightly said “All is well that ends well.” Mumbaikars firmly believe in this mantra and slog hard during the work days and party out loud on the weekends.

One such destination where you will see these freebies is the Leopold Café. Located on the busy streets of Colaba Causeway Mumbai, this café is flocked with people from the dawn till the dusk. Leopold café is a hot spot where most of the travelers across the world end up at one time or another.


The rustic ambience and the open-plan seating attract the mob to have a taste of this popular hangout. One can observe friends, colleagues, families and even strangers catching over a glass of beer. Although the menu consist a wide range of delicious finger snacks and meals, what is the real draw on the lazy evenings is a pitcher or a glass of chilled beer.

Leopold Café is one such situate where the only thing matters is to have a good time with your loved ones. The café has all that one needs to have an eventful evening and at the same time complete solace and therefore is highly recommended.

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