Mumbai is one such city where you need a lot of money to meet the ends. The city is a combination of filthy rich people and on the other hand extremely poor. The city entertains big players and at the same time gives due importance to the little ones. To balance the dynamic duo Mumbai takes effective plans and measures to keep everyone content.

fashion street mumbaiIf you don’t want to spend a lot on big brands but still want to look stylish and keep an eye on your wallets, Mumbai also gives you that option. The mumbai fashion street at MG Road Colaba, offers a wide range of clothes, jewelry, accessories, shoes and many more things at a discreet cost. Available in distinct colors, sizes, fits and combinations, the stalls at Fashion Street are an eye candy, I will also recommend having a list of Top shopping destinations in Mumbai

It is a great experience for the budget travelers as the vendors start from sky scraper prices and allow bargaining until it suits your pockets. Though they grumble and ignore you, at last they do nothing but give it away at the mutually agreed cost. It is indeed a witty move both by the buyer and the seller. But this is how Mumbai deals.

Mumbai Fashion Street is mostly dominated with women wear. People from across the world visit the capital of Maharashtra and one can see youngsters, families, foreigners, tourists and travelers enjoying the shopping spree. Though the sight is not all that pleasing to eyes as you cannot see stuff orderly placed under air-conditioned stores but if you don’t mind digging in hands into the giant heap, Fashion Street Mumbai will suffice your choices. Go the street way! Happy Shopping!

This street will fill fabulous must-haves for a teen closet for sure.


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