Love conquers all! The first lesbian marriage according to the Hindu traditions

Love conquers all and when a person who loves you truly will never let you go no matter what the situation is. Yes this saying is true to the core and not just a saying for Seema and Shannon. They have proved it to the whole wide world that when cupid gets to work, no power in the world can stop the unexpected to happen.

Seema and Shannon is a classic couple, at least when it comes to love at first sight. They are an interracial couple of Indian and American descent who fell in love with each other in just a blink of an eye. So their typical love story triggers when Shannon met Seema for the first time at a boot camp and all the violins and pigeons started hovering by their head. Seema was teaching one of her boot camp classes, Shannon instantly fell in love with her and uttered to another instructor “I’m going to marry her one day”. Of course, Seema reciprocated shortly after and this led to an everlasting journey full of love for them. And now, six years after they’ve met, the two gorgeous ladies have found peace and solemnity by taking secret vows of marriage.

Ofcourse, it was not easy for them to get married. It was no ordinary claim for a lesbian couple to get married back then, for a fact that same-sex marriages were not allowed in India and U. S. However, forgotten was the fact that they were destined to be together. Forgotten was the fact that the two women were from two dissimilar cultures, faith and religion. And as they say, love doesn’t make the world go round, love makes the ride worthwhile. The recent ruling by the court of California that made same-sex marriages legal, gave them the audacity to take their relationship to another level and get married in undefended.

What surprises these lovely ladies is the gush of support, admiration and best wishes that have received from across the globe.  Their story was unbelievable for some, while implausible for some. So before they knew, the pictures of marriage went public and the news went viral in no time. This act encouraged the world to believe in love and no one will ever be able to set you apart.

Since Seema is an Indian, one of her dreams was to get married in a customary North Indian style, with all the wedding celebrations to be conducted as per the tradition. They got married in June, 2013 in in Los Angeles, California. The key highlights of the lesbian marriage ceremony were sindoor, varmala, mandap, Indian sweets and even a panditji, and as well as bouquets, walking down the aisle and finally the ‘kiss’ moments. The wedding was a perfect unification of Indian and American wedding. What draws you more closer to the celebration is that their parents were happily involved in the wedding, blessing the couple wholeheartedly. This wonderful homosexual wedding can make us realize some extraordinary lessons of life.

“If you love someone enough to spend your life with them, you can create exactly what you have always dreamed of. Always follow your dreams and create the future you want.”, perfectly phrased by Shannon and Seema.

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