Top shopping destinations in Mumbai

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION! And now Page3 Mumbai gets an interesting topic for Shopaholics.. If you’re in Mumbai, you cannot miss shopping! It’s where you get everything cheap, and believe its very reasonable and very cheap. Shopping in Mumbai is an experience worth cherishing. 


Fashion Street is literally just that – a street lined with fashion! There are around 150 stalls that attract hoards of teenagers and college students, who come to grab the latest western clothes and fake brand names at cheap prices. Apart from clothing, here one can find shops selling shoe and costume jewelry too. Haggling is ‘mantra’ of shopping at Fashion Street, where shopkeepers generally quote higher prices. One can really enjoy buying cool stuff, while bargaining and cracking pretty good deals. It is famous for cheap but trendy clothes.

This street market is situated near the Bombay Gymkhana club. In this Market one will get readymade clothes at very reasonable prices. It is famous for trendy Jeans, Track pants, Capris, Shirts, Skirts, Tops, Skimpy night wear, Toddlers clothes. Also there are Caps, Earrings, Sports shoes, Kolhapuri chappals and Mojris, Belts etc. The garments available for sale here are often of excellent quality but are export rejects and export “over-runs”.


Colaba Causeway is a place where fashion has its own definition and is always updated by its Gurus from the show rooms in the city’s high rises or posh markets. Colaba Market is lined with jewellery shops and fruit-and-veg stalls. Beautiful road side stalls tempt you to peep through the space where you will find sparkling jewellery, aroma of fruits & pyramid of fresh roses. Colaba Causeway is one of the most frequented shopping destinations, popular amongst not only the local but as well as the tourists. It has a large number of shops that have on offer a large variety of dress materials, electronic gadgets, Indian as well as foreign high end products and cosmetics. It also has a wide range of items from designer jewelry to designer textile, furnishing, crockery, hand loomed products, embroidery etc. In short everything is available here that makes one to look more beautiful and elegant.


Many people come from all over Mumbai and outside to shop on Linking Road. One can find everything from international brands to clever fakes to cheap Chinese goods here. There is a mix of departmental stores, brand outlets, street side carts and regular shops that sell mainly clothes and accessories. One can also find many restaurants and cafes dotted along the miles long stretch of this road.
Though it’s official name has been Vitthalbhai Patel Marg for a very long time, everyone in Mumbai still prefers to call it Linking Road.
Hill Road is also famous for a variety of shops. Vendors sell unusual and quirky designs in footwear, 70s and 80s fashion (mostly western wear) bags, belts and so on at a very reasonable side. Once you have done shopping you can cool down with a chilled beer at Temptations opposite Globus Linking Road located in Bandra, is a cause for major traffic jams in the evenings, when shopping enthusiasts hit this spot in large numbers. Popular for shoes, bags, fake jewellery, both Indian and western clothes, this place is a shopping mecca and caters to all kinds of budgets.

4) CRAWFORD MARKET.crawford-market

The most vibrant of all, the Crawford Market is famous for flowers, fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. Dry fruits, nuts, chocolates, fabric, decorative items and imported food items are also sold here at whole sale rates. This market, named after Arthur Crawford, the first Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai also boasts of pet stores, which is one interesting feature of this market.


Gandhi Market is a perfect place to have shopping of less priced large variety of personal accessories. It is situated in King’s Circle. This market was set up soon after India’s independence to rehabilitate refugees from Sind and Punjab. The market comprises of more than 200 shops. Initially it was just a cloth market catering to the lower middle class, but gradually the market was extended and today. It’s definitely a woman-centered market! This market is housed inside a single-storied concrete structure, the real fun and excitement begins long before you reach the gate. The entire footpath surrounding the market is a shopper’s paradise. Small sellers selling readymade garments for kids, innerwear for ladies, napkins, towels, imitation jewellery, churidar sets, etc. All of them line up on either side. In olden times this market catered mainly to the lower middle class.


Mangaldas market is one of the oldest and busiest markets in Mumbai. This market was established in 1893. It houses more than 100 shops in nine dingily divided lanes. The market is known as a major cloth centre with more than one lakh visitors’ daily. It is having 19 entry points. Shops situated here offer clothes, textile, and material in various prints, patterns and colors. Bargaining is the way to shop in this awfully crowded, but great market. Prices of clothes are generally much cheaper as compared with other shopping areas of Mumbai. It is a great place to purchase traditional clothes, such as duppatas (the long scarfs atop the salwar kameez), both professional and amateur alike. The tiny shops are built on a raised platform and shopkeepers sit comfortably on gaddas (beds) placed on the floor.


The Heera Panna Shopping Centre, located at Haji Ali, is one of the oldest shopping centers in Mumbai. It came into existence much before the mall culture hit the city and even after that, the shopping centre consisting of 144 shops, is still thriving. Heera Panna is a blissful place for all shopping freaks. Clothes, foot wear, accessories, music, jewellery, you name it, they have it and at great prices. This electronic haven is something you can’t get enough of, you will find the latest phone or gadget at unimaginably low prices. It is not only a haven for small retail shops but also big brands, such as Titan, that have been in existence ever since the shopping centre first started. On the other hand, brands like Pepe, Spykar and Nokia have recently entered the place. The latest ones being Nike and Reebok.

8) CHOR BAZAARchor6-large

This is Mumbai’s famous Thieves Market where bargain-hungry tourists rummage for Ming vases and Muranos at throwaway prices. The main avenue is Mutton Street, flanked by rows of little antique shops that look like musty attics and sell just about anything from old ship parts, grandfather clocks and gramophones, to crystal chandeliers and old English tea sets. Others offer authentic Victorian furniture, wonderful for browsers, antiquarians and restorers. You will find each and every type of article, such as antiques, hardware, tools, wooden carvings, statues, figures, silver coins, engines, you name it and they’ll probably have it and sell it a reasonable price.

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