Sonam Kapoor : weight loss journey is nothing short of amazing

Bollywood  is replete with rags to riches stories of stars who carved a niche for themselves in B-town. But not all stories sing glories of stars who had to start from the valleys of failure and struggles to reach the peaks of success, there are others who have a different yet equally inspiring tale to narrate. Well, here is the hint: What is common between Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra, Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi Sinha and Sonam Kapoor? Yes, all these actors transformed from fat to fit before hitting jackpot in Bollywood.

The most captivating story is that of style diva Sonam Kapoor. Not many know that Sonam Kapoor wasn’t always this lean and petite when she signed her dream debut Saawariya. It is hard to believe that this fashionista once weighed a whopping 86 kgs. Indeed, it has been a journey for her. And we are sure it hasn’t been an easy ride but nonetheless you too can grab your pens and notepad and scribble down some great tips to transform from fat to fit like ‘Khoobsurat’ Sonam Kapoor.

From Flab to Fab:

Sonam Kapoor weight loss
Sonam Kapoor: Fit and fab

Sonam Kapoor gained a lot of weight while she was studying in Singapore for two years. Joining the film industry was never on her mind. But life took a dramatic turn when ace director Sanjay Leela Bhansali offered her to be the leading lady of his film Saawariya. The actress got disciplined to follow a strict diet plan and workout regime and ended up losing 35 kilos.

Here’s a sneak peek into Sonam Kapoor weight loss journey:

Weight trainers Shervir and Monisha, pilates teacher Yasmin Karachiwala  and general fitness trainer Zarine Watson helped her sculpt her body and get fit.

Rigorous workout sessions, power yoga and artistic yoga with Bharat Thakur and training in Kathak helped her get a toned body.

Here is Sonam Kapoor weight loss exercise routine:

  • 30 minutes of cardio every day.
  • Dance exercises learnt from Ashley Lobo twice in a week.
  • Practice power yoga on other days.
  • Swims whenever free.
  • Playing squash.
Flaunting a wow-liscious  body
Flaunting a wow-liscious body

Sonam Kapoor’s diet plan:

Sonam, who is a foodie never starves herself and doesn’t believe in dieting. Eating everything in moderation (even ‘chocolates) is the key to success. Sonam, in one of her interviews confessed, “Yeah, looking at my figure people often assume that I don’t eat much. On the contrary, I eat every two hours. Since my day is packed with strenuous physical activity- shooting, swimming or dancing- I never allow myself to go hungry for too long. If I feel peckish, I snack on nuts and dry fruits.”

She also makes sure that she consumes plenty of fluids throughout the day to stay hydrated and keep her energy levels high. She prefers natural sugar and seasoning to add taste in her food.

This is what her meals looks like:

Breakfast: Oatmeal and fruits.
Post workout snack: Brown bread with egg whites or protein shake with juice.
Lunch: Dal, sabzi, one ragi roti, salad and a piece of chicken or fish.
Evening snack: High-fibre crackers with chicken cold cuts or egg whites.
Dinner: Soup, salad and a piece of chicken or fish.

Sonam Kapoor: Shinning and stunning on the red carpet
Sonam Kapoor: Shinning and stunning on the red carpet

You will be astonished to know that she followed this diet plan for a year and got these stunning results. Consistency and a disciplinarian lifestyle is definitely the key to achieving your dream physique. Another thing we can learn from Sonam is carrying healthy snacks when you are on the move. Sonam always carries an apple, or sandwich, or health bars, to satisfy her hunger while travelling.

So ladies, now that we have spilled the beans, nothing should stop you from getting back into shape like Sonam Kapoor. Say goodbye to belly fat and get rid of the excess and be prepared to say hello to a new you.


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