Shah Rukh Khan tops Actors Rich list

Shah-Rukh-Khan-Among the world’s wealthiest Hollywood and Bollywood stars Shahrukh Khan has been listed as the second wealthiest celebrity
The 47-year-old came in at number two on the Wealth- X list ahead of Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp, with an estimated fortune of USD 600 million. The list with a fortune of USD 820 million is topped by comedian Jerry Seinfeld, while Tom Cruise came in third with USD 480 million.
Shahrukh-Khan-5Filmmaker Tyler Perry and actor Johnny Depp were fourth and fifth respectively with an estimated wealth of USD 450 million each.
Several Academy Award winners like Jack Nicholson (USD 400 million), Tom Hanks (USD 390 million) and Clint Eastwood (USD 370 million) are included in the list.
Shah Rukh Khan was recently featured on the cover of Forbes Middle East, which included him in a list of the Top Indian leaders in Arab World.


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