Mumbai’s latest music venue: Warehouse

p3Mumbai’s latest music venue will now be Byculla’s 156-year-old warehouse that housed industrial machinery .
On Saturday, the dreary innards of Byculla’s Richardson and Cruddas, which housed heavy industrial machinery, will be packed with 2,000 high-energy music fans.
Chosen venue for a Converse Rubber Tracks is the 15,000-sq foot warehouse ,an indie band competition organised by music platform NH7.
Located at the foot of the JJ Flyover, this will be the first time the venue and will be used for a live music event. In the days leading up to it, the industrial estate will go through a makeover; the warehouse will be fitted with air conditioning and a 60×12 ft stage enclosed in Plexiglas will form a live-recording studio. Illustrating the facade will be the Concept artist Harshwardhan Kadam.
Ironically, the venue was a part of a bungalow converted into a foundry by Englishman Noble Carr Richardson in the 1800s. R&C later went on to become the largest structural and mechanical engineering company in Western India. Building VT station was the role played by engineering company.
The company was acquired by the government owning to a scam by one of the Indian owners, in the seventies. The one-day music festival, where entry is free, will begin at 11 am. The bands will take the stage at 5 pm and play till 11 pm.  The warehouse will be occupied by a screen printing unit that will print band tees on the spot, food counters, a jam pad where fans can jam with the performing bands, a photo booth, etc.
The winners will be flown to Brooklyn, New York, to record at the Converse Rubber Tracks studio.
The venue is the most important part of a performance. The warehouse was previously used for film shoots such as Salman Khan starrer Jai Ho and Ranbir Kapoor’s Besharam.


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