THE CONJURING – Movie Review

The Conjuring is a story of a picture perfect American family- A young father, mother and five beautiful petit daughters. A happy family at the start of the movie and definitely at the end as well but during the movie this family has a roller coaster ride. The Conjuring is a formulaic horror movie and is scary to death. It is an action packed terrifying experience where the audiences will jump in their seats and not just once but continuously.

Based on a true story, the terror begins with Ed and Lorraine Warren explaining their case studies to an audience. One such story analyzed by the duo is what the movie is all about. The family moves to their dream house located near a lake in a secluded area surrounded by picturesque nature. But everything glitters is not gold.

the-conjuring-posterA scary doll named ‘Annabelle’ is not what children will adore. The haunted house is surrounded by spirits and each member of the family experiences one. There are moments which will shock you. To give you a little taste, you will think twice before playing hide and seek with your siblings in your big house after watching this flick. The two-hour run has all the twists and turns and the characters have played a fair role. The first half of the film sets the mood and tone and is well placed. Thereafter it reveals the facts lied deep down inside the corners of the haunted house.

The story has a supernatural overdrive and explains how sometimes science does not justify few answers. The strong sense of logic helps in terminating the movie and is indeed a successful attempt. It’s a blend of human emotions while experiencing horror. At last you might wonder what was new. And the answer is nothing. However, the movie gains all the attention of the public and many appreciations as well.

After the lack of horror movies, this one will leave you without asking for any more. The Conjuring is worth a watch but beware you might not want to be alone after you are out of the theater.

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