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5 lessons of self-Esteem from the latest Nescafe Ad

The boy stammered and spluttered and everyone around him went into a laughing spree. He became a laughing stock for everyone around him. It hurt him apparently and shattered his self esteem. Then came a day when he saw more than the hole in the doughnut. The day he accepted himself as he was, he stopped bothering about the world laughing at him and instead learned to laugh with the world and most importantly, at himself. He used his drawbacks to exercise his talents and nothing could stop him in his path to emerge a winner.

This poignant commercial sans an celebrities showcases a stand-up comedian who is performing in a crowd seemingly narrating a tale. We can’t help but notice that he stammers and then we get hook to the man who weaved his own story and as we all know become a star studded performer. This beautiful Indian advertisement leaves us with some amazing lessons for life. Read on these 5 lessons of self-Esteem from the latest Nescafe Ad:

  1. Never ever undermine yourself:

Everyone comes with a set of flaws and blemishes and perfection is over-rated. Perfect people have homes in the graveyard. And it’s only wise to embrace all our shortcomings and flaunt it like a proud possession.

  1. Shortcomings are blessings in disguise:

The comedian in the video eventually becomes proud of his stammering and uses it as a USP. The stammering gives an edge to his wit and he has the crowd rolling with laughter and going all gaga about him. His wit and comic timing along with the quirky touch of stammer makes him stand out from the rest of his comrades. Remember the story of the ugly duckling who was nothing but a beautiful swan when he saw himself in a different light.

  1. Choice of career has nothing to do with your aptitude:

The comedian faces a lot of rejection and rolling eyes owing to his stammering. People question his choice of career, but with a little magic and lots of humour weaved in the story of his life he changed the way people looked at him. This is what hooks you to the story. His attitude over-rode his aptitude and that makes the video so inspiring.

  1. Self-help is the best help:

The world is not the place to live in but it is the only place to live at the moment. Not once in the video does the guy load in self pitying or criticism, though he feels dejected when he is ridiculed. But he decides to do something that changes the course of his life… he becomes his own best friend, philosopher and guide. The man is a perfect example of how you and only can change every situation. Things are only as bad as you make them.

  1. You are amazing just the way you are:

Remember this lovely song? ‘You are amazing just the way you are’. Make this the mantra of your life. No matter what you can always turn the tables and make your own winning story and thank the little things that keep you going.  Like the comedian quotes in the ad, ‘Thank God for coffee. It kept me going and kept you awake’.

Ask yourself what keeps you going and get going and achieve your dreams.

Watch this video NESCAFÉ! #ItAllStarts….again…and again. And remember what a wise man quoted, “To love yourself is the beginning of a life-long romance.”

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