10 types of classic brides you will find only in Indian weddings

A bride signifies a fine prospect of happiness. Wedding is a heavenly event for a bride where she had always dreamt of getting married to her love. She will leave no stone unturned to make her wedding a picture perfect affair. While there are some stereotypical brides who are living in a ‘dream world’ by only imagining about the life after marriage, there also exist a type of bride that believes in only enjoying her marriage to the fullest leaving the rest to GOD.  It is fun to watch different breeds of brides in marriage and what makes them stand apart from the others. We have listed 10 types of classic brides you will find only in Indian weddings:

  1. Over-the-top sharmili bride:

What a maddening sense of shyness she has got!! She is ‘only’ blushing throughout the wedding, be it her friends and relatives teasing her over the groom’s name or just the word ‘marriage’. Some Indian brides think they should only blush when it comes to their wedding.

sharmili brides still exists?!?!
sharmili brides still exists?!?!
  1. Everlasting tears of rotlu bride:

It is a great deal for a daughter to get married and leave her beloved family. Such sentimental thoughts will make anyone cry. But there are some rotlu brides who will cry every on every sentiment expressed during her marriage. For instance, she’ll cry at the site of her husband, during ordinary wedding functions while wearing bangles, while she is taking saath pheras with her husband, etc.. etc.. The list is never ending for sentimental brides.

Their tears are like rainfall in the month of june
Their tears are like rainfall in the month of june
  1. Miss ‘Perfecto’

Some brides are extremely finicky about the intricate details related to her wedding. She makes sure that all the wedding preparations like the venue, food, clothes, hotel reservations or guest list are done on time. She takes charge of every bit and concludes everything on time. She likes to be ‘Amir khan’ of every wedding!!

Miss perfecto is omnipresent!!
Miss perfecto is omnipresent!!
  1. The romantic bride

Romance-stricken brides are out of the world. For her, nothing matters more than being loved or loving her husband endlessly. She’ll gift heart shaped balloons or cards, candles or even wear red while meeting her to-be-husband. Love is in the air for her and all can see is her husband!

Romance-stricken brides want their hero to be only in love with her
Romance-stricken brides want their hero to be only in love with her
  1. The filmy bride

She is so much into Bollywood that the instant her wedding date is finalized, she’ll start making a long list of the wedding extravaganza that includes only filmy stuff. For instance, her wedding couture should resemble some famous Bollywood heroine, the songs of her performance should be only Karan Johar kinds with a mix of crying sequence in it or he wedding traditions should be exactly like the one Yash Chopra shows in his movies. In short, she would love to have a big fat Bollywood-style wedding.

filmy brides only believe in bollywood weddings
Filmy brides only believe in Bollywood weddings
  1. The cranky bride

Ask her about anything related to her marriage and she’ll be hell as cranky. If her friends or relatives ask her about her those typical questions about honeymoon, cost of her wedding lehenga or even about any wedding preparation, she’ll make all kinds of creepy faces or answer sarcastically. Phew!! What a scary bride!! Better to just eat food at her wedding and come back home safely.

cranky faces of cranky bride!!
Cranky faces of cranky bride!!
  1. The bindass bride

For her, wedding is only about having fun and diffusing fun in others. This bindass bride will do everything from setting the themes for her wedding and organizing for some fun games during her wedding functions. Trust me… She’ll follow all! She’ll ‘shake her booty’ with friends and relative at the stage and still manage to act shy at times in front of her in-laws. She believes marriage happens once in a lifetime and you should enjoy to its fullest. Yeah you got it right Ms. Bindass!!

Bindass brides are full of energy and fun!!
Bindass brides are full of energy and fun!!
  1. The hatke bride

For our hatke bride, everything should be a unique piece. From her wedding lehenga to all the traditions of her marriage, there should be something which nobody must’ve tried earlier and will be remembered by all. May be she and her groom wants to come on a scooter to their venue, maybe she wants a hatke entry at the beginning of her marriage or fiddle with the camera to get some extraordinary pictures clicked. Its all about being unique for her.

Uniqueness is what the hatke bride follows!!
Uniqueness is what the hatke bride follows!!
  1. Over-enthusiastic bride

There exist a bride in the very corner of the world who will be over-the-top excited about her marriage since she was a fetus. For her, its all about getting married to her most angelic husband in the most romantic way. She is unaware about the emotional drama unlike most of the brides because she is super excited about ‘getting hitched’. She’ll happily smile and bid adieu to her parents during vidaai.

over-enthusiastic brides are excited about their marriage since birth
Over-enthusiastic brides are excited about their marriage since birth
  1. Self-obsessed bride

Obviously bride takes away all the attention in a wedding. But there are some brides, who want the camera man to be at her service even when she is crying. Every emotion or every facial expression should be captured in the camera. She wants compliments and only compliments about her clothes, her make-up and her shoes!!

self-obssessed brides feel they are the best!!
Self-obssessed brides feel they are the best!!

Oh yes, there are some classic types of brides in every Indian wedding. Have a close at the types above and search for you’re to-be-wifey. Well, seems like some boys have already found a match. This is what you should expect from your brides…


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