Deepika Padukone is one of the highest paid actresses in Bollywood and has no doubt become the sensational B-town star.

Deepika Padukone Biography

Her great start with “Om Shanti Om” and others works like “Ram Leela” and “Piku” has gained her a great respect in the country.

Not only her flawless beauty and great acting skill blow her fans but the things she does in real life has gained her a great respect across the globe.

John Travolta once said that he will love to work with Deepika Padukone.

For past many years, she has been very open about her battle against depression to the public.

Be it breaking down into tears or pouring her heart out in front of the world, Deepika has been bold yet beautiful.

After her debut film ‘Om Shanti Om’, which had been a great success, the actress suffered major depression.

“I used to wake-up feeling empty and directionless”- says the actress in one of her interviews.

Deepika has bravely made her way from the darkness and has come out with the support of mental issues which are often neglected by our society as the actress states.

She has been the role of a model of thousands of depressed souls in the country.

So, let us now know in detail all that she has been doing in the recent years which has made us fall in love with her even more-


bringing out the fact that India has the highest suicide rates in the world and that India is the most depressed country according to a report by WHO, Deepika has done some great job on her part by opening up this foundation.

It is a platform where everyone can get comprehensive knowledge about their feelings, seek professional help and assistance and even share their thoughts.

This website has helped thousands of people get out of depression and the ‘My Story’ section of the site is evident for that.

The website focuses on mental illness and what all factors affect it. It’s a great source of information for a depressed person.

Deepika Padukone Biography
Deepika Padukone Launches The Live Love Laugh Foundation



Besides this it also tells people how to deal with a person who is depressed. “I don’t want anyone to go through the things I felt’’- says Deepika in of her interviews.


Besides all this, Deepika Padukone has also started a campaign against depression called “Doobara Poocho” (ask again). This campaign is for people around a depressed person. It urges the people to ask again the person they doubt being depressed.


The idea came from her own life when she was depressed. One day when Deepika’s parents we about to leave and she was just lying in her bed when her mom came to ask her if she was okay.

She said- “I’m fine”. Then, her mom asked her again and again if there was something bothering her and then was when she broke down.

So, if you feel someone is not okay ask, ask again and again-she says. She dedicated this campaign for all those who have struggled and bravely overcome depression.

Her foundation, which has conducted awareness drives in 27 schools in states like Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Delhi, is also training general physicians to correctly diagnose depression.

According to the WHO, 100 million Indians suffer from some form of mental illness.

However, there are only 6,500 trained psychiatrists and 22,000- 25,000 mental health workers, including psychologists and counsellors.

So, hats off Deepika for doing something like this. Mental illness is not taken so seriously in a society like ours and which needs some serious concern.

Deepika believes by sharing her own experience she would be able to break down the stigma attached to mental illness.

People should be more and more aware of this topic and be open in order to help themselves and people around them. Deepika says that she has noticed a great change in her after she recovered. Speaking about it and accepting it has liberated me- says the actress in her campaign.

Well, with such rates of suicide and depression, something like this was much needed India.

“I did not want to be in the situation I was. I wanted to come out of it desperately. As they say that every solution is within your own self, I found the strength within me and also the people I had around who made me believe that I can rely on them,” she said.

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