Trending Now on Twitter: #ScaryStoryIn5Words. Are you in?

The hasttag #scarystoryin5words has taken the virtual world by storm. If you are loking at getting horrified by these stories, we will suggest you to sit on the floor while reading them. Not because its easy to run but you might soon have to get rolling on the floor laughing. It was Halloween yesterday and Twitter decided to add some horror and spice in our lives and Indians have set the ball rolling. This trend is super awesome.You can also show some creativity by tying: #ScaryStoryIn5Words and join the bandwagon.

When we used the hashtag  #ScaryStoryIn5Words the results were hilarious and we must tell you that the Indian Twitteratti is hilarious. These were 11 #ScaryStoryIn5Words Page3Mumbai totally loved.

1. Being a woman in India

Being a woman is a tough job

2. I heard something about you.

You heard..what..exactly.?

3. Jaldi karo, Koi dekh lega

jaldi4. Rahul Gandhi is Indian PM


5. I Can’t Find My Phone


6. Humshakals will have a sequel

humshakals7. Have a happy married life


8. Why should we hire you?

hire9.  Have u gained some weight?

weight10. I have nothing to wear!


11. I really like you, but…



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