Trending Now: Every Selfie-addict girl will totally love this video by Sony Experia C3

A few days ago, a video titled ‘Every Delhi Girl In The World’ went viral. It was a parody on the mannerisms of the Delhi Girls. A humour channel on Youtube called Being Indian is known for making such outrageously funny videos on many different aspects of life. Another video, a sequel to the former video about ‘selfie addict girls’ is going viral on the internet lately.

Interestingly, this video has been released to digitally launch Sony Xperia C3 as ‘The World’s Best Selfie Phone’.  Culture Machine Digital Video Entertainment with Sony India created this video for the internet generation.The video ‘Every selfie-addict girl in the worl should watch this video’ is a spoof on the selfie generations especially girls who pout and pooh over capturing that perfect selfie. If you are a selfie addict yourself, you are gong to laugh at yourself. If you are a guy, you are going to show this to your girl ad tease her endlessly.

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