Trending Now: A girl walks for 10 hours in Mumbai and this is what happens

Recently after a video of a woman walking on the streets of New York went viral, IndieTube Productions has come up with a similar video where a woman stutters around the Mumbai streets for 10 hours in a short skirt and a body hugging top  panning the city’s different locations. You would be amazed to see what unfolds next.

In the video the girl walking the length and breath of  New York City for 10 hours and gets catcalled by men. Does the lay who choose to walk the streets in a ‘western avataar’ in the financial capital of the country also meet the same fate. Will her dress cause her any harm by seemingly lecherous men on the street is something to watch out for.

The video which garnered all sorts of responses when it went viral.

A must watch for people who are proud of how safe Mumbai is for women. You will end up saying ‘Salaam Mumbai’.

Watch the video below uploaded by IndieTube Productions:

A girl walks for 10 hours in Mumbai and this is what happens.

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