Top 10 Upcoming Bollywood Flicks of 2014!

For all those Movie Buffs who have watched KICK and now feel that they have reached an existential crisis and there are no more good movies lined up this year!Wait!!2014 could just about be the year of Bollywood 100Crs Club!! Let us see what 2014 has in store for us .Page3Mumbai brings to you a list of 10 upcoming movies of 2014 that promise to be worth the wait!!

1. Singham Returns(Release Date:15August): Singham is all set to roar again this year. Starring Ajay Devgan and Kareena Kapoor the movie looks very much entertaining. There will be a fight against the evil vices and corruption, cars will jump and turn mid-air and yet again the police force will regroup. This time it’s going to be even bigger considering Singham has now stepped in Mumbai! It seems the movie also has a Kareena riding a rickshaw! So Now that the “Bajirao” is all geared up, let us see “aata konachi satkel”…

singhma returns

2. Mary Kom( Release Date:5th September): Mary kom as the name suggests is a Indian Biographical Sports drama based film. Priyanka Chopra is playing the role of Mary Kom in it. Though the First look of the movie is wonderful and stunning.  Looking for a good inspiration and motivation from the film. The movie will be premiered at the Toronto film Festival 2014.

d57d3cb2e7ede077cf17d7e7eb6401844. Finding Fanny (Release Date: 2nd October): Arjun Kapoor and Deepika Padukone starrer Finding Fanny is one movie you really must watch. The Storyline begins with a journey with a hunt for Stephanie Fernandes (Fanny). With a good Starcast and storyline. We will get to see some good love, life lessons, romance, lust, happiness.Wehther they find Fanny or not is something we will have to see!


5. BANG BANG (Release Date: 2nd October): Bang Bang stars Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif, is a remake of the Hollywood Movie “Knight and Day” which had Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in it. Being Hrithik and Katrina in the film we expect a lot of On screen chemistry and fun. Being a Hollywood remake the movie should live up to our expectations. The trailer has many action packed sequences and stunts and we are looking forward performance from both the actors. All the best!


6. Haider( Release Date: 2nd October): The film is a Bollywood version of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. The Film Stars Shahid kapoor  and Sharaddha Kapoor in the lead and is directed by Vishal Bharadwaj, the movie has already gained a lot of attention not only because of the new look of the actor Shahid kapoor but also because of the Fact Shahid has done the movie for Free!!. Shot in Kashmir the movie has some serious chemistry between both the actors and  a good starcast to support the film, We hope Shahid  pleases the audiences this time as well.shahid-kapoor-in-haider-21-better-cinema

7. Hawaizaada ( Release Date 10th October ): Hawaaizaada is an upcoming Hindi film directed by Vibhu Puri. The film stars Ayushmann Khurrana, Mithun Chakraborty and Pallavi Sharda in pivotal roles. The film is based on the life of scientist Shivkar Bapuji Talpade. The movie was earlier titled as Bambai Fairytale. The film is based on the life of scientist Shivkar Bapuji Talpade who is credited to have constructed India’s first unmanned plane.The movie is set in Bombay, 1895.Hawaizaada

8. Happy New Year (Release Date: 24th October): “The King of Bollywood” “The BaadShah” is ready for his new upcoming flick “Happy New Year” this year. Years after the success of “Main Hoon Na” and and “Om Shanti Om” Farah khan and King Khan have teamed up again. Some good con-artists are ready to take over. Let us hope for the best from the King Khan and Farah khan.  Looking forward for a good entertainment packed performance from all these artists and a good package this diwali. We Expect a good Entertainment this Diwali after the awful flick Farah has given us such as “Tees Maar Khan” we expect a good movie this time. Lord please help us!f87bf9c6e731fa4ec8a173c4d4561b539. Bombay Velvet( Release Date: 28th November) : Bombay Velvet is the story of one ordinary man who goes against all odds and forges his destiny to become a ‘Big Shot’. Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay Velvet is expected to dazzle this year. If we know the director, expect Ranbir and Anushka- a highly talented and good looking pair to continue giving us awesome performances!


10. PeeKay (Release Date: 19th December): Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan upcoming movie this year is PeeKay his Nude Poster is creating quite a Buzz. This time again  Aamir Khan is teaming up with Raju Hirani. With this pair the expectation has gone up and we’re hoping for the best! Peekay is suppose to be a anti-social film, having some sensitive issues in the country. The movie has a serious buzz about it!


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