Parenting Tips: Let the seeds of ‘small pleasures of life’ grow in your child!

Why children in today’s world are redundant of small pleasures of life? Why are they forced to behave like robots, as if it is incongruously the movie sequence of ‘Mummy returns’? Why has the dynamism of children fallen down to a level they fail to classify?

Let your child cherish and treasure small pleasures of life
Let your child cherish and treasure small pleasures of life

Why is it that they have to reroute the direction of their mind to ‘only studies’ and ‘no play’? Where is confidence of falling down 100 times on the ground and pulling yourself up with a smile disappeared? Why are children these days more glued to gadgets than a playground? Why is the list of these nerve-wrecking questions never-ending? The answer to all these questions is… healthy parenting. These parenting tips will help you to let your child bloom and prosper!!

Parents are often negligent about the heart-warming desires of their children. They then switch to appointing nannies for their children. It is a trend in Mumbai to keep nannies for their children. Ladies gossip unscrupulously like “OMG she doesn’t have a nanny, must be from a poor family.” What a ridiculous conclusion it is!! Nannies these days are languid about even changing a diaper. To hell with your nanny, monitoring your kids yourself is the best way to broach a child.

A startling research reveals, children sit in front of the TV or computer screen for four and a half hours a day. Screens are gradually turning into electronic baby sitters, exposing their innocent eyes into on/off buttons; on in front of the screen and off while asleep. Dr. Emma Bond, an expert in childhood and youth studies, said “Adults ‘need to take their heads out of the sand’ about what is happening to young, impressionable children”. The report also found out that children spent only 2 hours a week exercising in their school and take part in physical activity out of the school, which leaves them with 42 hours in a week to play (excluding sleep time, school time and study time). 6 hours of play every day if washed out in front of the screen is a major distress. Pity their luminous sparkling eyes that are constantly exposed to humongous radiation.  Why do parents coddle their children so much to buy them expensive gadgets the minute it skids out of their mouth? Why do parents don’t pamper their kids when they are in their teens, that is, after they are flawed completely? Does good parenting only mean fulfilling every wish of your child?

There is one more point of annoyance … there is a great deal of pressure on kids for studies. Kids are like laborers of their teachers carrying bulky sacks of books like a pumped-up-hulk on their flimsy shoulders. Why not manage the distribution of books in school and at home appropriately?

Born scientist.. Don't expect this from your child
Born scientist.. Don’t expect this from your child

Teachers are not aware of the fact that they keep all their books in school and children on their shoulders. So this is a major discrepancy!! Children are devoid of small pleasures in life because of immense pressure from the outside world to be a successful human being.

Small pleasure of life for your children may include spending pleasure time with their father or even their friends out on the playground, laughing endlessly till your lungs hurt over a joke, tickling them incessantly, dressing them up to look their best, letting them jump on your bed till they are exhausted, helping them learn a musical instrument, helping them make paper boats in rainy season or even helping them grow a plant. Indulge them in extra curricular to deflect them from detrimental screens. Be a part of every small gesture your child makes. Let there be a memory lane to all these petite pleasure of life because once gone, they will never come back. Remember parenting is a journey and not a destination.

I want all of you to look delightedly at the video made by Kissan Company to deliver a message to the world that there is a life beyond gadgets and school, which every child should treasure and cherish in life. It is an idyllic sensation to watch that kid in the video enjoy small pleasure of life in such an easy uninterrupted way. As they say, children are a blessing because they revise your world into a paradise the moment they are born. So why can’t we revise their world into a paradise by acquainting them to minuscule pleasures of life?

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