[Video] When Indians go crazy about Bollywood ‘KILLER’ dialogues

Why is it that an ‘Assal’ Indian can be recognized only if he/she uses those cheesy dialogues from Bollywood movies to describe a situation? The only answer to it is that Indians are highly influenced by the Bollywood characters and that they consider these dialogues as the quintessence surviving fundas. Be it a queue in a restaurant or to shove off a loser from your view, these dialogues are apt for every situation. Any love-stricken fanatic can become Sharukh Khan by just mugging up those dialogues from DDLJ and using it mindlessly to impress a girl. Well SRK still uses it to impress his heroines and so do President Obama (to impress Indians)!!

There is a killer video messaging application named ‘dubsmash’ that makes you a hero in just a click. List of dialogues are put up as soon as you open the app, choose your favorite dialogue, mug it up and use it to describe any random situation. Isn’t that exciting?!?!
Transform yourself into Kareena Kapoor with dialogues like “Main Bhatinda Sikhni hu..”, a witch by recording hair-raising noises from the app or even record a stomach-tickling song from a famous Bollywood movie to describe the funniest of funny situation of our life.

Have a look at these crazy videos and let us know if you have recorded a much crazier video than this. These videos are sure to make you roll on the floor laughing endlessly.

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