How to look your best this karvachauth

All the married ladies, let’s gear up for some action. Karvachauth is round the corner and we have a lot to do. Moreover, decide what to wear, which nail colour to apply, which lipstick to use, which mehendi wali to book, what all to include in a puja ki thali, etc. But the perilous question is what all to wear on your karvachauth to guise like a celebrity!! Woo-hoo… A celebrity look!! What more to ask for? That day is not only about fasting unbrokenly but also about looking splendid for the evening puja. Here are a few things you want to ruminate while dressing up to look your best this karvachauth:

Choose a colour of karvachauth significance:
Since karvachauth signifies everlasting bond with your husband, you can choose the colour of sindoor to match up your clothing, which is a maroon or red. Emerald, mustard or scarlet colours are quite in the trend for karvachauth. People often prefer gold embedded red or orange colour, which looks astounding and vibrant too.

Bright colours are in
Bright colours are in

Dress up like a celebrity:
Celebrities have a unique taste in clothing, be it traditional or western. Celebrities are known to celebrate KarwaChauth with great enthusiasm. You too can look your best this karvachauth. Karvachauth is a religious belief, so wear your ethnic traditional wear like a maroon gota work sari or zardosi work on the sari. You can also choose a heavy anarkali suit with more of maroon or red colour snaked in it. Patiala salwar kammez with a short kurti gives a chick look too. If it is your first karvachauth, like for newlyweds, you can wear your shadi ka lehenga or shadi ki sari. I’m sure your husband will go gaga over you like on the marriage day. Let his eyes pop out and roll on the floor discovering your exquisite style, but let them be glued to you forever. You can also style your dupatta on your lehenga like a sari drape, which indirectly gives a look of sari. Let your husband decide if you are for real his ‘Deepika Padukone’.

Isha Deol looks very pretty on her first Karwachauth
Isha Deol looks very pretty on her first KarwachauthAstonishing nail-art:

Nail art is quite in fashion now. Go for a nail art matching your dress with itsy-bitsy red colour in it. Go to a good reputed parlour to avoid giving your nails a messy look. Don’t scare kids around you with your treacherous nails. Others can simply go with a plain nail colour to match your outfit.

Put your best mehendi forward:
Ladies be very careful of the quality of mehendi you apply on your hands. You don’t want to scratch like monkey throughout the occasion because of allergies you get addicted to by applying low quality mehendi. Now a days, mehendi with beads are quite in. Mehendi with glitter also gives a shimmery look to your hands. Let your hands shine on this event.


Mesmerising make-up:
If your outfit is only red in colour, then go for a lighter make-up. You can choose golden or bronze or copper as your eye make-up that blends well with red colour. If your outfit is a combination of red and other colours, then go for a darker smoky eyes effect, with brown-black shading in it. Let your lips look juicy with a red lipstick. Apply some blush-on to highlight your pompous cheek bones. Don’t overdo your cheeks; you might land up looking like a tomato. Don’t forget to apply sindoor.

Dress to the nines on this special day
Dress to the nines on this special day

Must-have accessories on karvachauth:
These accessories include payal with tiny bells attached to it. Let the fingers of your feet and hands be adorned with fancy rings. Let them be diamond rings or a long gold ring that completely covers your hands and feet. Wear bangles to give a more folkloric look. Display your best traditional jewellery for a bridal look. Hair accessories should be harmonised properly to avoid looking like a nest on your head. For short cholis on lehenga, wear a gold belt on your waist to give it a sexy look. To look hot, wear a plain gold nose ring. Decorate your forehead with a maang tika. Let your accessories be minimal, but let it be equivalent to what you are wearing.

Your KarwaChauth kit
Your KarwaChauth kit

Look your best this karvachauth by inflating lot of enthusiasm and pumping up the anticipation in you. Let there be a shift perceptible to others this karvachauth. Change the way you look on this auspicious occasion. Let everybody spin their heads to 180 degrees to stare at you flabbergasted.

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