5 reasons why Sridevi at 50 proved you are never too old to look hot?

Uniqueness and being extremely comfortable in your own skin is what defines Sridevi. She is a motivational stem to millions of women at the age of 50. After her grand comeback with her movie, English Vinglish, she has proved to be an ageless wine, swooping around the world with her everlasting panache. She is looking younger with every passing day and every time she makes a public appearance, zillions of eyes are glued to her for the charismatic style in fashion. At 50, she combed the world for the perfect specimen of breeding, style and trendiness. We have listed five reasons why Sridevi at 50 has proved that you are never too old to look hot:

  • Age should never be a barrier:Most of the women lose confidence as soon as they reach that cynical age of 50. Why is 50 considered to be a nerve-breaking age? Flush out that fear of age from the glass membrane of your brain. Jump with joy, like Parthiv Patel, that you are done with a half century. Consider this as your second innings. Sridevi’s recent photo shoot for vogue proved that age can never be a barrier to prove your sensuality. In fact she succeeds in looking younger that her kids most of the times. Look up to her ladies!! She’s got that edge in her to pull off that age-barrier.
    Vogue describes Sridevi as 'age(less)'
    Vogue describes Sridevi as ‘age(less)’
  • Get a make-over: Don’t make a big deal out of your age. Go for a haircut, twirl your eyelashes, get done with manicure and pedicure. The more you pamper yourself, the more you’ll look hotter. If Sridevi at this age has the greedy-guts to wear cleavage-revealing gowns and dresses, then you have all the rights to groom yourself once again. Your husband should be bamboozled over your “hot” transformation. Show him that you are never too old to look hot. Give that rock-solid kick of make-over to your rivals from your social circle. Spice up your life with a make-over!!
  • Sridevi Kapoor
    Getting prettier with age
  • Get rid of that house wife image: I know… I know… You had responsibilities earlier. You are most probably out of that zone where your kids are your responsibility. Your kids are grown up, well-groomed, happy with their teenage years and are kind of independent. So shake that “house-wife” image off your shoulders and try to indulge yourself in some interesting hobbies that will keep you occupied in the forthcoming years. Your kitchen is bored of you and wants a new maid. Sridevi at this age bagged a role in English Vinglish and is now flooded with offers. She had the jauntiness and nerve to begin with her career after a long-lethargic-laid-back break. It’s time for you to focus on your career, if any, or read books, write poetries, chill with your ladies, go for holidays, etc, etc… but don’t forget to rejuvenate your body!!
    She now wants to be a "hot mommy"
    She now wants to be a “hot mommy”
  • Be a fashion guru: It’s time for you to be a “hot mommy”!! Hit the gym and get rid of that extra fat. Shop till you drop for the most exclusive clothes in a designer store and dress up like never before. I have a high regard for Sridevi because she has raised the bar for the young actresses even at this age and looks hotter than the present-day divas. That is when you yank yourself into the limelight. It’s never too late to look HOT!! Grab a pair of jeans or even shorts, start wearing t-shirts or fancy tops, poof yourself up with some light make-up, let down your hair with some chic accessories, show-it-off with a Louis Vuitton bag and pull up Gucci shades. Now we can honor you with a “fashion guru” label. See how your kids move around the town with a smug on their face that says “I have the hottest mommy”
    Show that 'oomph' factor by dressing up in the most fashionable clothes
    Show that ‘oomph’ factor by dressing up in the most fashionable yet trendy clothes
  • Get active on social networking sites or groups: Social networking site is the best way to interact with your fans, for celebs, while for us, best way to display your hot-sexy look on a public platform. Your confidence reaches its peak with the number of likes on your pic. Plus keep a check on your kiddos!! Connect with your long-lost friends on Facebook and catch up with them over a coffee session. Sridevi is quite active on twitter and with the number of fan following, she can accumulate her self-assurance entity to bounce back. She attends every red carpet event that she is invited to. So make your life a little happening by socializing and thus, deluding yourself from family issues that were rubbing your face since years. Only then your face will lighten up with its undying pinkish tinge on your cheeks. When you are happy in life, your beauty upswings all over again and indirectly makes you look hotter.
    Publicize yourself!!
    Publicize yourself!!

A great beauty, an accomplished actor, a natural quipster, a flimsy physique; Sridevi has a cajole that is impossible to resist. Vogue described her as “Her fan-boys wax lyrical on the ultimate screen goddess”. That is why she is a definitive inspiration for squillions of people and have proved the world that you are not too old to look hot!! 


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