Being Single in Mumbai

In present fast forward life, whether to be in a relationship or being single is the major question faced by people in this fast paced city on Mumbai. People in relationship feel “it would have been better if I was single, at least I wouldn’t be answerable to anyone. I would have enjoyed my freedom.” Whereas a single person on seeing a happy committed couple would feel “wish I had someone who would be there for me whenever I feel lonely…”

But when the famous YouTube channel Being Indian asked Mumbai, being single or being in relationship, the answers which they got were mind blowing while some were totally hilarious.

Watch the video below:

Well whether you are single or in relationship, everyone has it’s own set of advantages & disadvantages.

According to singles, people enter in a relationship not just for love or companionship but sometimes due to peer pressure in schools and colleges and sometimes just for time pass and some just for physical satisfaction.

Pros and Cons of being Single

Well, you don’t have to answer your every action to your partner. If your partner is putting restrictions on whom you should talk, whom you should meet, the way you should talk with someone, it’s better to tell that person “Go, Get some space, as I need mine…”

Main advantage of being single is that you have your freedom of speech, freedom of socialization. But does being in relationship mean imposing rules and regulations on your loved one? Caring is definite “YES” but rules, regulations, restrictions, these 3 R’s call for a big, fat “NO”. People in relationship should know that the person they are with also has their own life, their own views.

But when lonely and sad you feel that you wish you had that 1 special person in your life to share your thoughts, your happiness, and your sadness.

Reasons for breakup

Now-a-days, young generation really don’t need a reason for breakup. It could be as silly as “he/she won’t pick up my call” to something serious like the person cheating with their partner. Becoming possessive sometimes makes a person suffocate, and that’s one big reason someone heads for a breakup.

How do you spot a single person?

When you see a person looking longingly at a happy couple you know that, that person is definitely single or relationship is not working. Or a person going to a romantic movie alone is definitely single.

What annoys the most when you are single?

How come you are beautiful/handsome and still single? Or someone in a relationship who keeps on constantly yapping about what his/her partner does?

Advice to singles

Relationship doesn’t make or break a person, but 2 people do make a relationship. So if you are single, enjoy your life, enjoy the freedom to the fullest. If you are in a relationship, do enjoy the bond, treasure the finest and happy moments, trust each other, be loyal and give space.

Being single or no is not the main issue. How you take your status is the main question to deal with. Don’t care about what others might think about your status. It doesn’t matter. What matters is, are you happy with it.

So do you like being single or being in relationship? Do let us know.

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