A short film you must see this Children’s Day: A class of rowdies

When the young students are given an opportunity to voice themselves freely and exercise their unique endowments, all they do is simply soar and shine. But when children are labelled, judged and stereotyped they not only lose their spark but also their identities. If you are an adult, this video will make you wish you had a teacher like the lady in the video and if you have been lucky to have a teacher like her you won’t be able to thank her enough today. If you are a teacher this will inspire you. If you are a parent you will be able to delve deeper into the mind of your child. Whoever you are or whatever you have been doing today, you have also been a kid, a teenager who has gone through a roller-coaster of emotions just like the children in the video have. This video is going to make you cry.

If ever you interact with a kid, remember you watched this. Don’t tag or compare him. he is special and unique. It is his world and make it revolve around him. Give him strong roots but most importantly strong wings. Centre your interactions on his special talents and watch magic unfold.

What happens when a young and headstrong teacher meets a class of rowdies? It is a message for every parent, teacher and student. A short film you must see this Children’s Day 2014: A class of rowdies. Happy Children’s Day.

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