13 modern-day Indian Jobs which Indian parents will never understand

Has anyone faced this situation, where you are trying to explain your parents what kind of job you wanna do & they are giving you this “Have you gone crazy?” look??? I think many of us have, at certain stage of life have faced this situation.

When it comes to finding a job, all our parents can think of a 9-5 desk job in a government office or any bank or be an engineer, doctor or any such known job, which offers job security, good pay with benefits. But for the present generation, there are so many job opportunities which suites their likes and temperament but which becomes difficult for our parents to understand and explain to them about these modern-day Indian jobs.

Imagine telling your parents you want them to become a personal shopper or a tattoo artist… At 1st they will think you have lost your mind… then they will try to put ideas in your mind by giving examples “See Mr. So-and-So’s son is an engineer, and he earns so much per month” or “Mrs. XYZ was saying her daughter gets so much facilities from her MNC office” and you are thinking of doing such not-so-important job”…

Whoever said that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy hadn’t heard about these modern-day Indian Jobs.Below are some of 13 modern-day Indian Jobs which become difficult for our parents to understand …

1. Social media manager

Imagine getting paid for spending your entire day on social networking sites… Yes, that’s what a social media manager does… They are paid for strategic planning and  the marketing of the company’s products through the social media. They are highly motivated individuals who design & set realistic goals for selling of company’s content.

Social media Manager
Social media Manager

2. PR manager
Imagine getting paid for talking to media & press about company’s content and products, giving interviews about their products. It’s mainly about creating a rapport between the organisation & public.

Public Relations
Public Relations

3. Celebrity manager

“For every 2 min of glamour & fame, there are 8 hours of hard work.”- Jessica Savitch, American Journalist.

Celebrity Manager
Celebrity Manager

Yes, you get paid for hobnobbing with a celebrity. You get paid for creating an image of a celebrity in front of public. A celebrity manager actually can make or break the image of the celebrity. In short celebrity is a celebrity mainly because he/she has a good manager who makes or breaks his/her image.

4. Graphic designer

Graphic designer1


Tell your parents that the doodling, which according to them is useless scribbling, can actually be put to use in website designing. Now-a-days as major chunk of advertising and business is done through online media, website designing is 1 job which is fast catching on.

5. Wildlife photographer

wildlife photographer
Will they understand the immense satisfaction which you get when you click the right shot or the patience you required to get that shot in right frame? Well that’s what wildlife photography is all about. Patience and long wait to get that 1 perfectly timed click worth of life time.

6. Yoga/Gym instructor


Who is gonna believe that now-a-days you get paid well just to teach people to breathe in and breathe out in the right way and rhythmic manner to improve their health? People are becoming so health conscious that, they are willing to empty their pockets to get a personal yoga or gym instructor. This is one job that is surely not going to give you any stress.

7. Tattoo artists

tattoo artist

Previously known as rebellious runaways or hippies, now considered as “Cool” people, anyone sporting a tattoo or known to draw a tattoo is considered as cool & happening in present times. Depending on their experience & popularity they earn anything between 1,000 – 10,000 per hour.

8. Sommeliers


Is wine-tasting even a profession? Consider you getting paid for tasting and testing wine. Your parents will think it’s an excuse to get home drunk and not facing the whip.

9. Voice over artist

voice over artist1


Why should anyone pay you for your voice? Consider lending your beautiful, sweet voice to an animated character or baritone of yours playing on radio or TV ad or in background of any sob story daily soap… how will you feel when people recognise you by your voice-over character?

10. Game testers

Game tester1


Video game players are going to love. Do you know some people are  paid for testing the videos games before their launch in market. Their primary function is to discover and find out any software defects or bugs and getting it documented so that the professionals can fix those bugs. If you are a video game enthusiast you re going to fall in love with this.

11. Hair dressers

hair dresser1


Managing and maintain others tresses, and getting to experiment on it too, isn’t it hair blowing… oops…mind blowing?

12. Image consultants

Image consultant

Teaching people how to present themselves in front of others, as now-a-days, people are 1st judged by their appearance & looks rather than their intelligence & capability. That is what image consultants do. Help people showcase their image. Why should people pay you to show them how to dress & be presentable?

13. Personal shoppers

personal shopper1
Enjoy shopping? Imagine doing shopping & bill is being paid by others? How interesting is that??? Personal shoppers helps people select their clothes & fill in their wardrobes with latest trends & fashion.

These are some of the #offbeat jobs which becomes a herculean task giving an explanation to others. Nevertheless it’s fun doing such modern-day Indian Jobs which aren’t regular, join the herd kind of jobs…until the person doing it enjoys it and gets paid too. So go follow your passion and make some buck too!

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