10 signs that show you hate going to the doctor and are wary of hospitals

Two days ago Mahesh had gone through a tedious procedure of admission and discharge in a hospital. He was more in pain due to the horrible experiences he encountered in the hospital rather than his hernia operation. He and his family had suffered in the medical centre right from waiting to meet the doctor till actually getting operated and then the post-operative follow-up. It won’t be an overstatement to sat that almost every other patient has experiences similar to Mahesh. No wonder must people we spoke to expressed their hatred before going to the doctor and confessed that they were wary of the term hospitals.

10 signs that show you hate going to the doctor and are wary of hospitals.

  1. Waiting Rooms

Congested waiting rooms are full of infected and sick patients who are sneezing, coughing and even vomiting and spreading germs. There is ward boy who never allows you to go as per your appointment but who will argue with him? Not to mention, the year old magazines and medicine smell. Looking this entire scenario anyone can compare waiting rooms with hell.

Waiting endlessly for one's appointment
Waiting endlessly for one’s appointment
  1. Strangers-Strangers-Strangers

No one like to be handled, especially by strangers who are most infected than patients. This includes doctors and nurses, particularly those with frozen body and cold blooded emotions. It’s just uncomfortable and awkward to be with them.

Strangers…all ready to prick and poke you

3. Bill—-Kill the Bill

People don’t want to see doctors except to get drugs or to get tested for something. Otherwise they prefer to be in bed and wait to feel better. The thing is they never know how much these things are going to run. The hernia operation, Mahesh had last week was Rs. 65500/-. That’s a significant amount of money that someone would rather spend on New Bike or Apple I phone 6 plus.

The mounting hospital bills make one further sick
The mounting hospital bills make one further sick
  1. Is it possible to be a Terrence Tao

People will agree not to hide any information from doctor and lawyer because more they give details the easier it is for him or her to do their job. But how they can expect answers of nurse’s, doctor’s tricky questions. Do people really know the exact dates of their illness? Do we all keep medical record of illness like we keep our property documents? So please spare.

5. Feeling frustrated

People always feel as though doctors and nurses are experimenting on me. The disappointment on their faces when they have to check “zero” underneath “How many times a week do you exercise?” is too much to handle. People already feeling crappy, they don’t need medicos’ eye rolls.

That's the face I make when I have to produce medical documents
That’s the face I make when I have to produce medical documents
  1. Pathology

What an amazing name? But who loves to get blood tests done. They make us giddy and muzzy. The only time people prefer someone take their blood is for blood donation. At least then they know that it’s being used to save someone, rather than just run through a machine and thrown away.

Tum mujhe khoon do main tumhe aazaadi dooga
Tum mujhe khoon do main tumhe aazaadi dooga
  1. The Doctor have always big question mark on his face?

In childhood, for bunking school everyone prefers a same reason of fever, fake fever, that they admit, they will bit of a hypochondriac, so it wasn’t entirely unfounded. It’s a major concern of everyone that a doctor will think patient is faking and not treat appropriately, and just doing this test and test.

Too many questions doc?
Too many questions doc?
  1. Not everyone likes surprises!

We’ve all heard stories about people who go to the doctor for a routine physical and leave with a death sentence. This is a pretty big concern of people. Online they have always suggests that they have a blood cancer, HIV and xyz diseases. On the flip side…

I hate surprises
I hate surprises
  1. What Black films Says?

We have heard rather seen also that life-threatening diseases aren’t always easy to diagnose and when diagnose it is last stage. If illness shows regular symptoms, and medicos are not able to diagnose it; and it is HIV?  We are too young to die of HIV. We have not married yet and not seen Priyanka Chopra’s live performance.

life in black and white
life in black and white

10. Medication errors.

The average patient today tends to be on more medications at once. This leads to worse potential side effects and more potential challenges for patients once they leave the hospital. Hence, an implementation of medication history and reconciliation process during care transitions as well as increased patient awareness and education to reduce associated risks.

Too many medications...
Too many medications…

Our brain is wired for fear. Emotionally-intense memories are very powerful and long-lasting.  So, it is difficult to get over from 10 signs that show you hate going to the doctor and are wary of hospitals.


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